About us

New Dramaturges is a platform for research, development and presentation of innovative practices and discourses in the field of contemporary performing arts.

The aim of the organisation is to help build a sustainable and dynamic environment, stimulating the diversity of artistic expressions, expanding the understanding of contemporary forms of performing arts and the discussion on them.


provides a space for the development of theatre and dance criticism online. In the rubrics/sections CRITICISM and IDEAS on its website dramaturgynew.eu artists and art practices, performances, events, trends and theoretical ideas in contemporary theatre, dance and performance are regularly presented. The editors of the website are Angelina Georgieva and Miroslava Todorova.


also carries out educational and training programs, discussions, co-productions, dramaturgy consultancy, research, translation and publishing activities.


was founded in July 2008 in Sofia as a non-profit association on the initiative of the theatre scholars Angelina Georgieva and Mira Todorova.

Angelina Georgieva has a PhD in theatre studies. She graduated from NATFA “Kr. Sarafov”, where she currently teaches. She specializes in Free University in Berlin, Germany. She has appeared as theatre and dance critic and researcher, co-organizer and collaborator in a number of initiatives in the field of contemporary performing arts. She is editor-in-chief of the “Magazine for Dance” and is part of the editorial board of the theatre journal “Homo Ludens”.

Mira Todorova is a freelance theatre and dance critic. She holds a PhD in theatre studies from the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. She works as a lecturer, researcher, editor and dramaturg for various artistic and theoretical projects. She is the initiator and artistic  director of DNK – space for contemporary dance and performance. She has published extensively in specialized art and culture media in Bulgaria and abroad.

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