Theatre as a Site of Democratic Experience

Mira Todorova talks to Karla Mäder, Head Dramaturg of Deutsches Theater Berlin, about the new directions and challenges for this institution in today’s complex social environment.…

The Queer Accident

Tomi Paasonen had an upward career as a ballet dancer, interrupted by a serious accident. He began creating diverse and highly eclectic performances that challanged ballet tradition. Stanimir…

Dance that does not have connection with humanity is starting to go away

Interview by Mira Todorova with Barbara Bryan, Executive Director of Movement Research, New York, on the state of the performing arts in New York, the new challenges the artists are facing and the…

The support of the independent scene is crucial for the whole ecosystem

Interview with Brian Rogers, artistic director of The Chocolate Factory Theater, New York. By Mira Todorova Brian Rogers, artistic director of The Chocolate Factory Theater, New York

Thomas Lehmen and Galina Borissova in coversation

  Оn the project "A Piece of you"- a conversation between Galina Borissova and Thomas Lehmen

Jungin Lee in interview about ARTeFACT at Derida Dance Centre

Does the human create the artifacts оr is it an artifact itself? 

The Entropic Institute in Sofia

Art аs а Possible Exit, In and Within the World  

burrows portrait

Voice, Text, Sound, Dance: interview with Jonathan Burrows

World Theatre in Sofia 2012 Voice, Text, Sound, Dance

ACT Festival still echoes

   The ACT - Independent Theatre Festival still echoes US guests to the the first edition of the ACT - Independent Theatre Festival Nathan Cooper and John Barry answer to Albena Tagareva's…