more than naked workshop by Doris Uhlich | Open Call

New Dramaturgies Platform and Antistatic Festival for Contemporary Dance and Performance – Sofia/Bulgaria announce OPEN CALL for participation in the workshop more than naked with Doris Uhlich…

Thomas Lehmen and Galina Borissova in coversation

  Оn the project "A Piece of you"- a conversation between Galina Borissova and Thomas Lehmen

Jungin Lee in interview about ARTeFACT at Derida Dance Centre

Does the human create the artifacts оr is it an artifact itself? 

The Entropic Institute in Sofia

Art аs а Possible Exit, In and Within the World  

Willy Prager: Transformability

Inhabited Bodies: Resistance and Opening

burrows portrait

Voice, Text, Sound, Dance: interview with Jonathan Burrows

World Theatre in Sofia 2012 Voice, Text, Sound, Dance

Let's Not Get Stuck into Some Big Conceptions

 Mascha Kern talks with Gina Şerbănescu – a dance critic from Romania -  about the differences between the Bulgarian and the Romanian dance worlds, the impact of communism, and interconnectedness…

Museum of Hygiene: Review by Gina Serbanescu

Exposure and Surveillance – Degrees of Corporeal Awareness